About LYPH


UK brand LYpH is an Avant Garde clothing company creating mens and womens clothing for the culture and context of now.

The LYpH label is an ongoing dialogue amongst our core team and close collaborators—continuously inspired by countries, cultures and citizens.

LYpH doesn’t have a head office – we are on the move and don’t stop taking inspiration from all over the globe exploring new ideas.

Under Frederick Edmondson, we explore the notion of a worldly traveler. Objects, references and insights collected across the globe are the starting points of the design process.

Ultimately, our label is framework to enable ourselves and others to learn, develop and produce.

The result is to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.


For the core label, LYpH, we have the desire to design contemporary pieces fitting today’s culture and context. Each garment is made by LYpH’s private Atelier. We use a Cobrax Italian snap system to manufacture LYpH goods with modular elements.


This is an area of the company that allows a follower to be part of LYpH’s Art Space. We create graphics and artwork that suits the culture and context of todays youth.


LYpH goods are limited to only 50 pieces per style. Once sold out we never re-produce the same item.