FALL 2017

Tomorrows future is yesterdays art. We’re always on the merrygoround ride it seems… LYPH looked back 400 years at attitudes and convictions Western Society dealt with. The way in witch westerners invaded other countries to develop their own. How today when others need help on our land we base decisions on materialistic product soon to run out, along with uneducated comments. This body of work resonates from a organic intensity , energy and motion made visible through memories arrested in space, human needs and motives. LYPH looks at moments in history when Europeans encroached on other lands by pushing pre-existing society out, or ordering them to handle life with western cultures. We look at how when other culture confronts a western world with growth its suppressed. The collection shows how this motion has gone somewhat full circle in Europe. It shows lessons haven’t been lean’t and power countries have tightened borders to hinder those in need of help. As with everything LYPH creates an idea of modular , interactive and moving parts were added giving the viewer an opportunity to play with the canvas. The technique’s used in this work are means to arriving at a statement. How that statements seen is up to the viewer. LYPH wanted to find a character that can be adapted and manipulated. We landed on the ‘Lucky Charms’ cereal box + the Golden Nuggets cereal box. The idea is to show happy, smiling characters that can be manipulated to portray a different look through dress and colour. The stance and silhouette shows a happy playful demeanor. This was important to help show a clouded conception that in todays world we tend to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’. LYPH’s plan for this exhibition was to push an issue on our mind through art hoping at the same time a commercial product can be made. To live young and play hard… LYPH’s STATEMENT… …‘DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER’.