LYPH x Supermarchè

LYPH clothing teamed up with Supermarch√© to create and merge two types of military fashion. We wanted to take a summer (french military) trench coat and warm it up with cold war Russian inners creating seven all year round coats. Vintage clothing plays a key role in LYPH’s development and thought process. Supermarch√© have the same thought process; to create beautiful chaos. To develop commercial product that isn’t boring, to push the boundary on function and inter playful modular parts that can switch between menswear and womenswear. The French outer has a two way working placket what means it will fasten both on the mens & women’s side. The internal draw cord allows for perfect fitting on man and woman. The inner works as a snug fitting garment or as a loose relaxed fit. This collaboration shows LYPH’s commitment to push the boundaries on what it practical, what is functional, what is beauty. TO LIVE YOUNG AND PLAY HARD.