In The Beginning … LYPH Clothing

Co founder and Creative Director Frederick Edmondson has been in the rag trade for the past ten years working his way up to what any designer wants; To have true freedom in design ideas and creative control over their own brand. After working for some of the industries top fashion houses / brands Frederick and his partner (in all senses of the word) Jemma decided it was time to put pen to paper, scissors to fabric and create a modular, playful brand that sits in areas between menswear and womenswear. ‘An¬†androgynous looking modular development’, being the founders words.

Their aim is simple, keep it Avant-garde, question it’s beauty, functionality and gender.

Jemma and Frederick grew up in the same run down seaside town, so it made perfect sense LYPH Clothing’s first collection be shot in the town of Morecambe Bay to reflect childhood memories.

Both hung out in the same areas of Morecambe when they were younger playing on arcade games, lacing up bowling shoes and playing on broken town fairground rides.

These image’s shown were used to showcase a pre-season collection for LYPH clothing.

LYPH clothing wanted to show how pockets can be interchangeable and that the pocket isn’t gender related but how the back ground (silhouette) is what will define the gender.

LYPH clothing as always wanted to LIVE YOUNG AND PLAY HARD…

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