The decline of formal wear led to the rise of streetwear fashion back in 2004. High-end and luxury brands began to develop “luxury sportswear”, for example Alexander Wang, Gucci, and Balenciaga.

Among this type of “luxury sportswear”, luxe fabrics were used to produce their sportswear fashion for a high contrast on the sporty silhouette. Fabrics like silk organza, washed satin, leather, neoprene, and wool crepe were used to produce the “luxury sportswear”. Why – because these types of fabrics help experiment a garment with texture, and assist in capturing a modern-sports spirit of the season.

Details of the design in “luxury sportswear” looks are pulled directly from actual active wear. The two words, “luxury” and “minimalism” were first used together for sportswear in fashion, to interpret a fresh sports look which is sleek and clean, but bearing recognisable athletic influences.

Common mix-and-match combination of “luxury sportswear” on streetwear IS track pants under basketball shorts, with bold patterns and sumptuous fabrics for men; and light coloured penciled skirts, with bomber jackets and sleek tops, cut in satin or tweed, for women. An oversized graphic fit.

But what of the now… Whats next for a dying streetwear culture… 2020. All the streetwear brands on the pulse will see how streetwear and contemporary menswear merged together seasons ago. I personally think this is because of a major shift in buying power at wholesale levels. The far east is by far becoming the biggest spender within the wholesale industry when it comes to designer brands. You only need to go to Shanghai and Hong Kong to see how luxury brands, department super stores, and a sense of individuality meets expensive price tags is a way of life within eastern culture…

So… 2020, we run full circle… More Asian territories within the far east have that appetite for luxury European brands. Those Euro brands design into that market and suddenly you have this amazing merge of East meets West. A new type of contemporary streetwear that is going to move forward to an Avant Garde streetwear , or 100% contemporary.

Its now about finding that unique point within your own brand. For LYPH this is easy. We love modular elements with clean simplistic lines. A  modular pocket function flows very well into contemporary lifestyles. And at them same time if an upsurge in purist street fashion comes back to us… We can move modularly back and forth.

A brand with no boundaries, no holdings, total flexibility. For this post… Thats the future. A flexible product that can merge and blur boundaries between gender, season & industry.


By Frederick Edmondson

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