What’s it all about…


UK brand LYpH is an Avant Garde clothing company creating mens and womens clothing for the culture and context of now.

The LYpH label is an ongoing dialogue amongst our core team and close collaborators—continuously inspired by countries, cultures and citizens.

LYpH is on the move and don’t stop taking inspiration from all over the globe exploring new ideas.

An idea within the LYPH walls is to create a product and design function that is constructed out of prefabricated pockets with standardized dimensions, allowing for easy assembly and flexible arrangement. A product that can be recycled through seasons and genders. The LYPH pockets will switch between garments and accessories. Upcycling LYPH  pockets and attaching them to the latest LYPH product creates a new look each time and is less harmful to the environment.

Ultimately, our label is framework to enable ourselves and others to learn, develop and produce.

The result is to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.